Peter Schwartz

Flash Comedy.  What is it, you ask.  It’s audio snippets of crack-the-freak-up-funny-stuff.  Do you like to laugh?  That’s a stupid question.   

Before I talk about WHRH, I have to say some things about Peter’s other work.  Anyone familiar with the small presses knows his stuff, but if you’re not, I’ll tell you some things.  He’s a poet, a fiction writer, a photographer, a visual artist, and much more. 

If you’ve never read Peter’s poetry, please do.  I can list the many awards and distinctions he’s earned for it, but rather I’ll say this:  he is a master of words and makes mouth-watering, heart-squashing, gorgeous things with them.  Like a mad dart-thrower, with you in front of the bull’s eye, you will let him hurl those suckers at you, because you will trust him in all his vulnerability and brutal, beautiful, unparalleled honesty.  Somehow, afterward, as you go on with your life, you’ll still feel his darts whizzing by your head, and you’ll know the pierce of them, as if they were embedded in your heart, because they will be.  His mind-blowing metaphors and trance-inducing melodies–never tricky, always brilliant (the former perhaps lost on you at first read)–will remind you of all that you fear, your losses, longings, loves.  And yet there you are with his sad magic, his masterpiece after masterpiece, (yes, I said the “m” word) grateful that someone, an artist of the highest caliber, cast his spell upon you.  I’m telling you.  Look here:

old man, revolver, capsule, what-

ever we call you

I’ve suffered the ache of the vague

semesters of your half-love

recorded the arc of your atrophy

in my very best penmanship

–anonymous confessions, 1-24, Old Men, Girls, and Monsters

You see what I mean?

Now try to shake that off and come back to WHRH.  What will it do to you? You’ll be transported to situations involving threatening neighbors, wives baring breasts at Applebees, campus security gaurds getting inappropriate with alcoholol-sickened students, aggresive birds, and so much more, but I’m telling you, you won’t be uncomfortable.  With his sharpness, Peter takes exaggerated truths that a less skilled artist might deliver crassly and molds them into those tiny understandings that become humor.  You will recognize the absurdities of our flawed world and our flawed selves in every scenario he creates and be quite glad to laugh at them. 

Peter uses techniques like timing, understatement, repetition, and character to make you cackle like a shameless hyena.  If he weren’t a poet and artist, you’d be certain he were a comedian.  With 33 flashes of narration that begin to feel more like your funniest friend keeping you in hysterics on a Friday night, you won’t regret a minute spent listening.  While no subject matter is too sacred or base, 9/11, sex, sexuality, class, ethnicity, religion, substance abuse, death, defacation, masturbation, and the list goes on, Peter somehow makes fun of life in a way that finds you laughing, and it doesn’t matter your background, beliefs, or identities in any of these areas.  Peter is the kindest and most generous of souls.  If you’ve got a mouth to laugh with and ears to listen, you’re gonna enjoy this hell.

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